Working with my BlackBerry Passport


A question I receive frequently: You have an iPhone?


No??? But you always have the latest gadgets?

Yes and no. Only if they make sense, common sense. And we all know common sense is the least common of all senses. Especially in the world of mobile devices I would say. In addition an iPhone is not a latest gadget. It is an innovation from 2007 or so. Every year they add a higher number to its name and make its size bigger until it starts bending or exploding.

As said I do not have an iPhone or tablet: they both cost me precious time, they are perhaps “cool” to have but real time-wasters. In business I have to stand out as a leader. I would destroy my image with popular not well thought through products begging for an outlet to charge outdated technology. Why I do not use Android? Not secure. I am not wasting time on writing about Android.

So what device do I use? It is called a BlackBerry Passport and I use it for working. I use it for getting things done.

Here are some ways I use it. Well yes if you use an iOS or and Android device you probably can do some of these things too. Will take longer I am afraid. So don’t even waste your time trying.

1) Working on a physical keyboard. This physical keyboard let’s me write long text. If you only Whatsapp “hi where are you” and typos are your brand anyway a touch screen keyboard is fine for you. But come on admit, it is horrible. It was cool. I can use down time like flights or train trips to the write serious documents or mails without typos. Or edit them. On average one hour per day I work writing on my BlackBerry Passport. Not only the keyboard is a big plus: its gestures on the tactile keyboard make me work fast. No need any more to pull out a PC and no worry about battery life. It has never died. The charger goes into checked luggage.

2) During the writing process I need to investigate on the web or need files on my PC or on my Passport. I can browse my PC, BlackBerry Passport and web without closing the writing application I am using that moment. I easily leave all applications running and select on the home screen what to bring forward to the wide screen. No it does not slow down. It responds very fast. I can evenquicklyrespond to any incoming message or alert, no need to close the app.

3) Responding to incoming messages. Regardless email, Twitter, Linked, SMS, you name it, the Hub nicely lists all on one wide screen in order of arrival. Using several email accounts and LinkedIn the Hub gives me the opportunity to work through the list in FIFO, or I can filter quickly one account only. No need to search mail by mail.


4) I meet a lot of new people. In the Internet and media industry ……..

Please read further on theBlackBgadget.



Management Consultant in Innovation and Strategy Execution in Media, Broadcast, Telecom and IT. More than 25 of years of experience in ensuring that innovation strategies get executed. Producer and host of radio programs. Contact BBM PIN EF036F8E

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