Peter has an engineering background. His decisions are always based on clients and potential clients and market developments. In an early stage he is able to recognize if a project will make business sense or not. With 25 years of experience, Peter manages companies into the 21st century where clients and globalization dictate the strategy of a company. He advocates that products,in house technology or a company´s engineering skills are not that important anymore.

He started his career in the army then worked a while in broadcasting production and technology. Then moved on to the telecommunications industry. First at AT&T, later at a smaller Chicago based telecommunications company, were he ran successfully the operations in a large part of Europe. Using this client approach he became market leader. Then Peter worked for companies in the broadcast engineering sector where he introduced this client driven strategy resulting in more revenue. Strategy consulting and implementation firms subcontracted Peter to assist in the implementation in the insurance and telecommunications sector. Peter is often invited as a speaker at conferences and teaches as part time professor in negotiations, operations and finance at business schools in Europe and Asia.

Peter holds an MSc (Hons) in electrical engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology and an MBA (Hons) in finance and general management from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business

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