How My BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Blend Saved My Day

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Peter SimonsDo you want to know how my BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Blend saved my day? Software and hardware work together to improve the results in business.

When I travel, I carry a PC that’s been equipped with MS Office. Last week I spent a large part of the day working in a hotel room, using the hotel’s unsecured Wi-Fi.

In the morning I received an urgent request to pay an order by wire transfer. Postponing the payment would have caused a delay in shipment, but Wi-Fi networks in hotels are simply not the best places to connect to a bank. Also, my PC had been giving me some trouble.

What to do? I used my BlackBerry Passport wide screen over the Vodafone 4G network to connect to the bank … without an (insecure) app. The Passport gave me access to a large web page where I logged in and worked…

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